Sample Request, Acknowledgment, and Timely Response

Wednesday 20 October 1999

Alan Lee,

Please send me the computer file representing Pages 1-9
of your seminar handout cited as misc/outline5 9/23/99.

An attachment to an E-Mail may be easiest. The file
can't be that large. Alternatively, the file
mailed to me on a disk is OK. 

A timely response would be appreciated.


Gerhardt Steinke  Voice: 608-222-7922
6415 Bridge Road    Fax: 608-222-7924
Madison WI 53713

DOJ answers above same day:

Attached please find the outline that you requested.
If you have any questions please give me a call.
Thanks! <<outline5 - law enforcement.doc>> 

Connie Anderson
Government Operations and Administrative Law Unit
Department of Justice
(608) 266-3952