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John Forester's Politically Incorrect Efffective Cycling Home Page

CycleBooks -- Road Riding Books - Effective Cycling - John Forester
For books about bicycling; easy, fast secure ordering with links. 

Vancouver Cyclist praises Forester's Effective Cycling
One book that should be on every cyclist's bookshelf.

Bicyclists of Iowa City - Prize-winning web site.
Bicyclists fare best when they act, and are treated, as drivers of vehicles" - John Forester, Founder of Effective Cycling, LAW.  Indeed. The BIC  site is loaded with scholarlship and nicely organized research citations.

Defects of the Bicycle Facility Planning AASHTO Model
A serious carefully reasoned article by John Forester, M.S., P.E

Training Wheels -- The Revamp of Effective Cycling
League of Illinois Bicyclists Articles and links related to Forester.

Cycling Bookshop, Teignmouth. UK Book Recommendations
Forester's Effective Cycling should be on every cyclist's bookshelf.

Effective Cycling discussed in Ontario controversy

Chainguard's Internet Portal on Effective Cycling
Cyclists ought to act and be treated as drivers of vehicles. - John Forester.

Chainguard has a very nicely arranged site with several useful links.

Training Wheels -- The Revamp of Effective Cycling
John Forester, author of the book, Effective Cycling 

Best bike books - UK Recommendations 
Cycling in Cities: -  John Forester, "Effective Cycling" , MIT Press.  A cyclist's Bible. Every cyclist should own it. Known for clear explanationd of how to ride in traffic, and equally good for the mechanics of the bicycle.

Bicyclopedia™ - A Comprehensive Bicycling Encyclopedia
Excellent cycling discussions including 117 Book Reviews.

1998 Mountain Zone Marketplace:
Features  Bicycle Touring International: The facts on cycle touring around the world, detailed travel conditions for all continents, planning and preparing for that big trip, how to get along in other lands. John Forester

Cycle California web site - a great gateway for intelligent minority.
Among Old Favorites, read The Cure for Un-riding! By John Stesney

Washington (DC) Area Effective Cycling Instructors
Program of instruction pioneered by John Forester, P.E. 

MIT Press lists Effective Cycling and Bicycle Transportation
Leading works of John Forester. The core of Forester's philosophy is  that cyclists fare best when they act, and are treated in return, as drivers.

Effective Cycling Book reviewed by Michael J. Vanderman, Ph.D
Reviewer anticipates other books e.g. "Effective Dancing", "Effective Lovemaking", and "Effective Living". Michael Vandeman. How I Learned to Love Cycling Among Noisy, Polluting, Dangerous Motor Vehicles

Commuting using Effective Cycling
Bicycles fare best when they act like and are treated as other vehicles. Effective Cycling by Forester presents evidence for this principle, and you may study the logic behind it. Review and summary by Royce Myers.

Effective Cycling vs. Critical Mass
Well organized controversal discussion with provocative links..

Effective Cycling by Forester, John
Open Book Bookstore with links to many other booksellers.

College-level courses in Cycling Affairs  Proposal
John Forester, M.S., P.E., Cycling Transportation Engineer, Consulting Engineer, Expert Witness & Educator in Effective Cycling, Bicycles, Highways & Bikeways, Traffic Laws creates a comprehensive course.

Quick Release- Georgia Bicycle Federation
Bicycle Georgia™ QUICK RELEASES  features many great articles and links to related sites. Touts John Forester's landmark books in bicycle advocacy.

Ontario Coalition for Better Cycling
Another great site featuring Effective Cycling principles.

John Allen reviews FHWA's Bicycle Safety Research

John Forester on Bike Lanes - Madison DaneNet discussion A Glance at Effective Cycling  and other books

Opinions on Effective Cycling - Car-Free web site essays
The future of cycling is up to you! Are cyclists getting the cold shoulder? Should cyclists be trained and tested like motorists? John Forester explains. Will rumble strips jolt cyclists off the road? Many useful resources.

Cycling Repair Books - Great Raw Sports List
Effective Cycling - John Forester -  5 Stars! Highly Recommended.

Kaw Valley Bicycle Club, Topeka, Kansas
Cyclists fare best when they act and are treated as drivers of vehicles.

Cycle Repair Bestsellers
Mountain Sports features 24 books including Effective Cycling.

Jean-Pierre Jacquot discusses Effective Cycling

How To Ride in Traffic -- Ken Kifer
Cites Effective Cycling by John Forester and US Bicycle Laws.

Bicycle Source Bookstore Editors' Picks
The Bicycle Source Editors' Picks several classic books of cycling, hand-picked from a larger collection of favourites making up their bookstore.  Effective Cycling , a 600-page tome on cycling technique, by John Forester is highly highly recommended to all serious cyclists..


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