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There's no substitute for independent inquiry.  Fools learn ONLY from their own experience, while neglecting experiences of others.

Serious citizens should request hard copies of  FREE DOJ Publications covering basics of Public Records and Meetings. Text (not form) of BOTH DOCUMENTS are on this GJS site. Regardless of how good your monitor is, hard copy makes for easier reading.

Web version is advantageously  hyperlinked. The GJS site links visitors to cited case law on anti-secrecy.

Dance, Romance, or tie your shoes. Everything requires some successful  practice. Reading and putting to life written statutory and case law citations is no exception. No man is an island.

Have you contacted the DOJ for publications? This GJS site is NOT intended for those who read little, understand less, or care not at all.

The GJS web site contains thousands of files, many not available elsewhere. NON copyrighted. Most (not all) files are accessible without passwords. Larger files are handled by FTP protocol or as E-Mail attachments.  See any substantive errors?  Please advise.

Acronyms + Abbreviations
Books: Reviews of related books
CESA:      Cooperative Educational Service
CITIES:    Law Applied to 189 Cities
COUNTIES:  Law Applied to 72 Counties
CRIME:     White Collar Public Crime
DOA:       Department of Administration
DOJ:       Department of Justice
Duties:    Duties of Public Officials
English:   Doublespeak Intro
Expo 2000: Hanover Celebration
Finding:   Search Engine Information
Freedom - FOI Gateways
German:    Great German Gateways.
Lists:     UseNet Lists Gateways.
Local:     Local Government Gateway
LWM:       Municipalities Resource
Meaning:   Dictionary Gateway
Meetings- Public Meetings
MUNI:      Law for 583 Municipalities
NOLO:      Berkeley Legal Publisher.
Notice:    Legal Notices of Meetings
Purpose:  Introductions
Records: Public Records
Regents:   University of Wisconsin System
Today: New advisories
TOP      This takes you to "page" TOP
Schools:   Gateway to Public Education
Towns:     Law Applied to 1,266 Towns
View:      Selected HTM and TEXT files.
Villages:  Law Applied to 395 Villages
WASB:      Wisconsin Association of School Boards
WEAC:      Wisconsin Educational Association
WERC:      Employment Relations Commission
WFT:       Wisconsin Federation of Teachers
Whistle: - A Publication
Words:     On Line Dictionaries
WTCS:      Wisconsin Technical Colleges
Misconduct in Public Office
Crimes Against Government
Wisconsin Statutes - Totally Searchable

Neglecting external links, GJS has thousands of pages. There's over 12,000 pages of transcripts alone. GJS publisher welcomes critiques of GJS internal and external navigation. Errors, when identified in focused specificity, will be corrected. Other sites are linked  to promote untrammeled intellectual inquiry and debate. 

Opinions and facts expressed are those of the publishers.

While being as positive and optimistic as possible, no attempt is made to limit content to politically "safe" (often inane) cheerful content.  Claims are not proofs. Facts are independently verifiable.

Review and analysis needed.  URLs and links may change.
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Below are a few samples of current GJS resources identified to promote free inquiry and discussion.     A new search engine, now under design,  will make it possible to easily find most everything on GJS.

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