24 Myron Lieberman Citations - Thursday 26 October 1999
  What To Do About Teacher Unions  
Transcript of Speech - Public Policy Luncheon 2 June 1998
  Education Policy Institute  
How NEA and AFT Hinder Teaching Excellence . . . 1999 Reports.
  Public and Private Schools Compared  
A Short Route to Chaos - Book Reviews.
  Conservative News   
Updated daily with several educational links.
  Market Solutions to the Education Crisis - Policy Analysis  
An Executive Summary by the author of Beyond Public Education
  Harvard University Press/Spring 1995 Books/Public Education  
An Autopsy: A blistering critique of our failing public schools and our fuzzy thinking about how to fix them, Myron Lieberman explains why public education is in irreversible and terminal decline and tells us what we must do to get American schooling back on track.
  Pedagogue Power  
Book by Chester E. Finn, Jr. - edited by Commentary staff in 1997
  Teacher Unions Library Resources  
North Carolina State University Libraries - 1 October 1999.
Good example of library listing with associated key links.
Check your own local library for comparable resources.
  Can America's Schools Be Saved?  
Federal News Service Transcript of Ben Wattenberg's Think Tank featuring the late Albert Shanker, Myron Lieberman, Denis Doyle, and Kriner Cash. Point and Counterpoint.
  Education Policy Institute  
Directory - featuring Myron Lieberman et al - 23 September 1999
  Hard Lessons on Education - Twentieth Century Fund  
Discussion of regulation, bureaucracy, privatization and deregulation.
  Teacher Unions: Is the End Near?  
Ending the Teacher Union Veto over State Education Policy.
Published by Claremont Institue -- modified 12 January 1999.
  The Fruits of Labor - Public Subsidies for AFT and NEA  
Fruits of Labor: Taxpayer Subsidies for Teacher Unions - 9 July 1999
Address by  Myon Lieberman - Phi Delta Kappan - 30 September 1999
  Teaching  Unions a Lesson: Reform, Competition and Choice.  
Bloated bureaucracies with excessive influence on public policy? 3 October 1997
  Teacher Union Bargaining: Practice and Policy  
Gene Geisert, Ph.D., and Myron Lieberman  -  ISBN 0-944496-42-3
Book Preview on School Boards and Teachers Unions  paper $18.95
  Reason magazine -- January 1998  
Organizing Principals  - Richard C. Seder discusses The Teacher Unions:
How the NEA and the AFT Sabotage Reform and Hold Parents, Students,
Teachers, and Taxpayers Hostage to Bureaucracy - 16 December 1997.
  Chicago Personnel Association  
Public Employee Relations library Data Entries
  National Taxpayers Union Foundation - Policy Paper 108  
Policy Paper 108 NEA/AFT Membership: The Critical Issues By Charlene K. Haar and Myron Lieberman By John Berthoud, President National Taxpayers Union Foundation
  Pelletier Library Listings  
Typical holdings. Compare and contrast with your local library.
  Public Education: An Autopsy  
Book Review by W.B. Allen - Public Education: An Autopsy - 25 August 1999
  Association for Supervision and Curriculum  
Public Education: An Autopsy - Harvard 1993 - Review 1 September 1999
  Laissez Faire Books on Liberty  
Touts "World's Largest Collection of Books on Liberty" and reviews the work of Myron Lieberman - under caption of "Most dangerous unions in America."
  Union Reform? New Wine in Old Bottles?  
Reinventing Teacher Unions for a New Era.
NEA President - National Press Club - 1997
  NEA influence seen in school decisions  
South Bend Tribune -- Nancy Sulok - 27 August 1998.
Union turncoat criticizes AFT and NEA in his books..


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