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15 December 1999
ROBERT J. SHEA'S GERMAN RESOURCES: "Today's strongest poetic voice in search of German heritage:" Norbert Krapf. BBC Education Website: free Talk German Course, BBC's GCSE ByteSize revisions and Deutsch Plus Multimedia Dialogues. InterDeutsch
  Downloads for Kids: Deutsch Plus One  
BBC-TV : For ages eight and older. Free  Foreign Language License. Award winning multimedia series. Ideal for beginners with no prior knowlege of German.
  BBC Online - BBC Prime - Language Learning - April 1998  
Language Learning Resources including  Deutsch Plus Dramatic series which introduces German to beginners in a captivating manner. With good links.
  Kids Freeware: School Is Open for Language Learning  
and fastest computers.) Deutsch Plus One:Eating and Drinking vr> prior knowledge, are based on Deutsch Plus 1, a BBC Television offers Deutsch Plus book and audio.   
A Self-Guided Course for Beginners Learning German
With several other related books, music, CDs, and videos.
  Language Zone German Audio and Video Products  
Deutsch Plus /  Alles Gute! /  Anna, Schmidt und Oskar / Geschäftskontakte / Geschäftsverhandlungen / Kontakt Deutsch / Language Learning media.
  Deutsch Plus : A German Experience  UK Site with USA links  
Self-Guided Course for Beginners Learning German 10/27/99
  TUKIDS Download Page - Deutsche Plus and much more.  
  Foreign Language for TUKIDS - Deutsche Plus and much more  
Deutsch Plus Version Number: 1.0 Revision with great German  words.
This web site is a wonderful learning resource for kids ages 9-12 or so.
  Net Store USA offers Deutsch Plus Book and Audio  
  St Mary's School: Hot Links for our Students - German  
  Polish web site touts  "Plus Deutsch" Book  
Plus Deutsch - Hans-Peter + Mary Apelt  für Anfängerunterricht. Das buch wendet sich an weltoffene, erwachsene Deutschlerner, die sich für ein modernes grammatikorientiertes Lehrwerk entscheiden.