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  Walking Off Weight; The Workbook  
Amazon offering on above book by Sweetgal and Whiteley
  HERO: Health Education Rural Outreach  
Data and advice - many 1999 links found on this site..
Ocean Springs  and Singing River Resources  
A Benefits of Walking piece is archived on this site.
  Someting to think about  
Dietary facts and data cites world class athetes..
  Realities 1989 - Well organized site on related issues.  
Excerpts on: World Hunger, Topsoil Depletion, Rainforest Destruction, Energy - True Cost, Feedlot Sewage, Nutrition, Food Groups, Pesticides, Sterility, Animal Factories, Antibiotics, Athletic Performance, Robert Sweetgall, World's Premier Ultra-Distance Walker. Diet for a New America citations organized by Dilip Barman, University of North Carolina, Department of Computer Science. Barman's  Home page is rich in good links.
  American Fitness Professionals and Associates  
AFPA Health Facts Articles Index - many links. Another great resource.

"Wisdom comes after information and knowledge. Books provide the scaffolding that allows us to build our own systems of thought". George Sheehan, M.D

...American Ultradistance record Robert Sweetgall = World Champion...
Facts excerpted from the Pulitzer Prize nominated DIET FOR A NEW AMERICA. This site has a very nicely constructed chart of essential findings in related fields.  Also, ironically enough, we now learn of John Robbins's father going vegetarian!  Great report! This is the FORMER owner of Baskin-Robbin's Ice Cream!  How experiences change one!
  Unlearning the Reasons You Shouldn't be a Vegetarian 1  
Interesting and provocative Health Freedom Resources report.
More related links to sites on health.
  The ABCs of Walking  
From a well-designed Massachusetts site: Has  many very useful links to world-class health-oriented sites on all aspects of healthy living. One good link leads to another.
  National Wellness Conferences  
Search Net for  Health Education and Prevention Resources from around the world. 
  Environmental, Health, and Animal Rights facts  
A unique project to promote a plant-based diet.
  Realities 1989  
...World record-bench press Robert Sweetgall: World's premier...
  Empowerment Resources Online Bookstore  
Shows book jackets and links to reviews of works by authors such as Sam Andrews, Nancy Appleton, Covert Bailey, Cherie Calbom, Natalie Cedarquist, William Duffy, Udo Eramus, Carol Finders, Rhonda Gates, Mollie Katzen, Maureen Keane, William Lee, Leah Leneman, James Levin, Reed Mangels, John McDougal,  Mary McDougal, Helen Nearing,  Linda Rector Page, Robert Pritikin, Laurel Robertson, John Robbins, Brian Ruppenthal, Maratha Rose Shulman, David Steinman, Debra Wasserman. . . .
  Oak Ridger Online Community  Promotes Walking Expert  
Has biographical background with a photo of Sweetgall.
  Yahoo! Travel Books lists Sweetgall's work.  
Hike for Their Health - by Robert Sweetgall
  Walking Program  
Sharon Beaudoin, Physical Education Teacher on  Walking.
  Huge List of Walking Books by Raw Sports  
Includes some of Robert Sweetland's work.


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